Gator Guard

Gator Guard is a high strength floor protection product designed for new construction, renovation, and moving projects. Gator Guard is easy to use with our pre-cut customizable measurements, which ensures that your floor stays protected. Unlike paper-based products, we design the Gator Guard to absorb spills and impact on reducing its tear strength. Fast & Easy install  |  Water Absorbent  |  Lays Flat  |  Odorless  |  Chemical Free  |  100% Recyclable.

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Gator GluFelt

Gator GluFelt is a breathable floor protection that Sticks! It’s zero residue technology is suitable for covering various kinds of floors, counters and other surfaces. It's a premium roll out protection for hardwood, laminate, tiles, vinyl & polished concrete. 100% Recyclable. Super easy to install. Save time and labor cost. Impact Resistant   I   Sticks to the Floor   I   Fast Installation   I   Zero Residue   I   Breathable

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Carpet Film

Canada Covers’s Carpet Protection Film is used to protect carpets/flooring during renovation, painting and moving. It protects against damage from spills, dirt, foot traffic.This self-adhering film does not shift and is highly resistant to tears.It minimizes clean-up time and damage claims. Quick and simple to install and remove  I  Heavy duty rip resistant material  I  Minimizes spill damage  I  Self adhesive for secure positioning  I  Zero Residue

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Floating Row Cover

Crop Guard is an extremely lightweight row cover fabric that can be placed directly over the plants, without the need for a supporting framework and can instead be simply anchored to the ground against the wind. Floating row crop cover increases growing degree days resulting in plants growing faster and it also protects plants from frost damage, strong winds and hail. Improved Crop Quality  I  Earlier Planting Dates  I  Healthier Seedlings  I  Rain & Hail Protection  I  Frost Damage Protection

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Painters Fleece

Ideal for covering objects during renovation work, protects the floor from paint splashes, dirt and moisture. The painter's cover consists of an absorbent fleece and an anti-slip, tear proof flm. Budget friendly and can be used multiple times. Fabric is made from 100% recycled fiber(85% polyester, 15% cotton). Anti slip bottom helps keep the fabric in place during paint and moving application. For comfortable, clean and safe work!  Anti-Slip    I    Waterproof    I    Easy to Use    I    Breathable    I    100% Recylable

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Black Mulch Film

Black Mulch Cover Film is used to suppress weed and conserve water in crop production and landscaping. Plastic mulches also act as a barrier to keep methyl bromide, both a powerful fumigant and ozone depleted, in the soil. Crops grow through slits or holes in thin plastic sheeting. Plastic mulch is used in conjunction with drip irrigation. This method is predominant in large scale vegetable growing, with millions of acres cultivate under plastic mulch worldwide each year. Canada Covers brings you High Quality Mulch Cover that has higher elongation and does not easily break down. Its high elongation and high tear strength makes it easier to remove after use. Earlier Planting Dates  |  Soil Moisture Retention  |  Reduction in Leaching of Fertilizer  |  Improved Crop Quality  |  Weed Management

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