Gator Guard is a high strength Floor protection product designed for use in new construction, renovation and moving projects. Unlike paper based products, Gator Guard is designed to absorb spills and impact without reducing its tear strength.

Top & Bottom Anti Slip

Lays Flat

10 X Stronger than Cardboard

Cost Effective

Floating Row Covers

Crop Guard is an extremely lightweight row cover fabric that can be placed directly over the plants, without the need for a supporting framework and can instead be simply anchored to the ground against the wind. Floating row crop cover increases growing degree days resulting in plants growing faster and it also protects plants from frost damage, strong winds and hail.

Improves Yields and Quality

High Strength and Abrasion resistance

Up to 30% Lower Cost than Competition

PVC Core for Easy Machine installation

Black Mulch Film

Canada Covers’s Black Mulch Film is used to suppress weeds while also conserving water in both crop production and landscaping. It is used in conjunction to provide optimal growing conditions for the plants. Canada Covers brings you a high quality Black Mulch Film with a higher elongation level and tear strength which allows user to remove and reuse our Film the for next season.

  • Earlier Planting Dates
  • Reduction in Leaching of Fertilizer
  • Improved Crop Quality
  • Weed Management